Sunday, August 22, 2010

Not the Best Blog Ever

Here's the thing. I want to have a blog, but every time I go on this site I feel like I need to have 'The Best Blog". I want to have the coolest layout and design. I want to have the most unique blog name on the face of the planet. I want my blog to be the most interesting, have the most followers, and be updated on a daily basis. I want it to be inspirational and creative.... I want it to make me look good. I think my blog will define me.

Heres the thing, (see, I already said 'heres the thing' in my first paragraph, and if I were in that old state of mind I would totally go back and delete that because GOOD bloggers aren't repetitive.)  This isn't the best blog ever, and Im not the best writer ever. If I keep up this crap I will never do the stuff I actually want to do in life. I don't start things because I want everything I start to be perfect and I fear that I don't have a 'good enough' idea yet.

Well, I cant say that Im going to change my ways, that Im going to do all those things in life that I crave doing, and drop my 27 year habit of being completely and utterly afraid to FAIL, but I am going to publish this blog. Yeah, thats right, Im actually going to hit the 'publish' button... Im not going to save this until I can fix it, or even preview it to make sure its up to par, because ya know what?? I cant live up to my own standards!! HA! So here I go.

I am imperfect and today that is going to be perfect.

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