Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Who Let the Dogs Out

Sometimes I want a child. Well, about 50% of the time, usually the times I want a child are times like today, when I get to spend the day with other peoples kids and I think what a absolutely fantastic mother Id be.

Then there's those other times when I spend my days thinking about how I wish Id never got these 2 super amazing and disgustingly adorable DOGS whom Ive become somewhat obsessed with!! I love my dogs, I absolutely love every little microfiber of both of my little baby girls. I just don't love the part where I have to be home occasionally to feed them or potty them or bring them to the park in the sweltering Arizona sun for an hour (yeah, for some reason I thought it would be a grand idea to get two very high energy animals and try to keep them in a single bedroom apartment with no yard, brilliant eh?). Now if I could do these things on my time rather than theirs, Id be fine, because I don't mind it so much, its just the doing it every day when they need it part that is not so fantastic.

Thats where I get hung up with having a child. I like kids, Id be a great mother, but all the time? 24 hours a day? 7 days a week? 365 days a year? Not so much.....

I feel like I miss out on a lot already just because of the dogs. I know that sounds lame, but really. There's days when I just want to get in the car and drive with no intent on coming back in time to let the dogs out. Ya know?

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