Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Lately Ive been feeling pretty amazing. Ive had more energy than usual. Ive been going going going, all day long. I have a job, that I absolutely love, and Im back into yoga again. Ive begun to build my own path, different than my husbands. A path that I like walking on :)

I sub at The Foundation for the Blind where I feel like the kids teach me way more than I teach them. Every day I get to go to a different classroom and meet new kids, and everyday I fall in love all over again.  Every day is a learning experience, and learning is something I just cant get enough of. Every day is different, every kid is different, every classroom, and every teacher. It never gets boring and I love all of the kids so much for showing me what its like to be happy now.

What working with Children with multiple disabilities has taught me:

When Ive fallen down, get back up.

Smile while doing it. 

Fall in love with the little pleasures in life. Like the feeling of the sun on my face.

Everything in life has a feeling, a texture, a smell, and a vibration. 

What I look like doesnt make me who I am. 

My clothes don't define me. 

Ask questions.  

Dont make assumptions. 

Its okay to wiggle and squirm.

Anything is Possible.

Theres always another chance.

People do care.

The whether is a new experience every day, notice it.

Emotions can be heard.

Nothing is trivial.

My presence is important.

If not today, maybe tomorrow.

Say thank you.

Theres nothing to be embarrassed about.

Everyones best is different, and everyones best is equally good.

Art is not always to be looked at.

The best communication doesnt always require the use of a mouth.

Setbacks are opportunities for learning.

Success is relevant. 

Nobody needs to see my achievements in order for them to count.

Before I say an unkind word, think of someone who cant speak.

Before I complain about the taste of food, think of someone who cant eat.

Before I complain about my mom or dad, think of a foster child.

If I must say "I can't", add the word "yet".

Wash my hands, as if they were my eyeballs. 

Unless I try, Ill never know. 


Dont take things personally.

Hug strangers.


Trust other people.

Ask when I need help.

Specify my intentions.

Its okay to cry about nothing.

Food is not just for eating.

Naps happen.

People always like to be acknowledged.

Take risks.

Dont allow others to take advantage of me.

Cookies are always good.

Pay attention to details.

Slow down.

Be consistent. 

Sometimes all you can do is show up, and thats okay.

Dont take anything for granted.

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