Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It could have been worse, It could have been a train!!

This post should totally be about Bhakti Fest, my Epic adventures into Joshua tree and the man who inspired me to manifest myself a better destiny. Theres so much to write about there, Im just going to come back to that in another post. 

The last couple days I have been manifesting a second car for jeromy (A technique I learned from a very wise man I met last weekend, more on that later!). Because if Jeromy has his own vehicle that will allow me to be less attached to him and the things he is doing, so I will have greater ability to follow my own bliss. Sounds great eh? So why am I sitting here blogging about this? 

Well... after teaching an absolutely inspiring kids class that ended in a beautiful guided relaxation into a magic garden where we danced among the garden creatures, I got in my car and went to pull out of the parking lot. Then.. I got hit by a bus.

I know, I know, you think Im totally kidding. No, my car is completely wrecked,  and I just got back from the hospital. 

The thing is, Im fine. Better than fine even, I nearly feel better than I did before the wreck. Is it crazy of me to believe I manifested my car being totaled? Is this my first lesson in learning that it doesnt take a bit of money to get the things I want?

The accident was not my fault. I remember one thing clearly, and that is that I was just sitting there waiting to pull out, when BAM, the whole front of my car was ripped off. Wittnesses say it was the bus drivers fault, but police had a difficult time taking their word because I was told they were 'too angry to give a statement'. It was the Phoenix police department making a statement about a Phoenix bus driver. Of course they arent going to say it was his fault. I can see how it apeared to be my fault. Who are these people that think they can just decide something based on such little evidence anyway? What do they know, they werent even there.

The cops didnt give me a ticket. I really dont remember the details, I was pretty out of it. Ill find out more soon. I got a lawyer already. How strange is it that I had a number to a lawyer in my phone? 

I didnt allow anyone at the hospital to stick me with anything or put any drugs into my body. I just wanted to continue on with my day really, but they insisted on x-rays and such. 

The x-ray tech said I had the most beautiful lungs hes ever seen. :D

So I just got hit by a bus, but Im fine.  Ill be driving a rental car soon. Then maybe even a new car. 

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