Thursday, October 7, 2010

Universal Temper Tantrum

Im still angry. Yeah, thats right, Im over here kicking and screaming, cursing at the world when you arent looking. I bet you think Id never do such a thing. Yeah, well Im here to tell you that when Im all alone Im a terrible person to be around. Thats quite possibly why I only act this way when Im all alone. I piss and moan to myself about this and that. I throw things. Yeah, throw things!! I go for walks, I drive and scream. Drive and SCREAM. I scribble on canvases and then paint over it. I scribble violently. Scribbles of anger and rage, built up into dense piles. Overflowing Buckets of Anger.

It hailed. That was nice. I think the sky felt like I do. I wish I could hail. It was loud and angry. It was as though the world was unloading buckets of tension and pent up agony. It was a Universal Temper Tantrum. It went on hard and strong, whaling away at the earth for a good day, and then..... Silence.

Isnt everything just a reflection of me anyway?

It left behind the most beautiful stillness, the kind that can not be created by humans.

I took pictures because Im human, and I feel the need to document my life in a digital format....

You can see the silence lingering.

And the Earth doesn't seem too upset about it.

Isn't it amazing?


Mmmm.... I am this, dont you know? You are this too. We are all this silence, this absence of time and space.

Sweet, Sweet LOVE.

Whats the point here? What is this post about? I dont know. Im angry, and the world doesnt care? The planets keep spinning, the rain keeps falling. People keep doing the things they do.... without me. I am small an insignificant, yet I am everything. 

What do I need to do... For me? For the world? 

For now, I will ride the wave of anger, another moment, another hour, another day. I will continue to feel it pass through me like a freight train in the night. 

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