Sunday, January 30, 2011

Green Smoothies For All

Because I had requests for my Green Smoothie Recipe, And I cant possibly keep all this awesomeness to myself.

First, heres a little green smoothie inspired artwork 
(and Sammie's head, cause ya know, she loves pretty much everything I do)

 There's a lengthy list or reasons one would eat a green smoothie, but I'll just give you my top 3:

They taste like love (seriously)
They make me feel fantastic inside and out
I hear they are Super Duper good for me

 Even Sam agrees that the morning should start off Green

 See there! Told ya! 

Im going to preface this by saying: There is No REAL 'recipe' for green smoothies, only a few loose guidelines. 
Its honestly been an ongoing (usually very successful) experiment on my part.

I have a Vitamix. If you don't have one, go to the store and get one.  NOW.
Hurry, RUN.
(Oh, and don't look at the price tag, just hand the guy your credit card and worry about it after you drink your smoothie, I promise you'll be thanking me later.)

If you (are totally insane and) still do not have a Vitamix, don't ditch this recipe. I love ALL my readers and there's also one more super adorable picture of Sam I've strategically placed at the end of this post for your viewing pleasure.

Once you've got the Vitamix
You are going to need some green stuff. Spinach, red lettuce, green lettuce, romaine, kale, chard, whatever. Just go to the store and buy all the green things you never eat and stick them in there.

If you are a beginner start off with 1 part green, 3 parts fruit.
Advanced Smoothie Practitioners, such as myself, you might use 3 parts greenery, 1 part fruit.
If you are completely nuts, you can forgo the fruit all together. 

You are going to need some liquid. Water will work. Or any juice. Preferably something organic and not  full of additives.  I fill to about here... (add more later if its too thick)
 Now turn it on and turn it up.
Blend for about 1 minute.

Now for the fruit. I ALWAYS use one banana. This is the key to taking the bitter out. The only other alternative to the banana, in my experience, is fresh pineapple.  

Now, add your choice of additional frozen fruit.
(cause the Vitamix is powerful and its gonna get hot so ya gotta cool that thing down)
 I used this whole thing of blueberries. Ive got them stockpiled in the freezer. We also buy the giant bags of frozen fruit at Costco.

In addition to the blueberries I added maybe 2 cups of this other berry mix.
Now, blend again, this time just till its smooth, not too long or it wont be cold. 
I put it in these containers so I can bring them with me, or keep them in the fridge for later.

Now, you've got one for yourself, and one for a friend.

Or in this case, 2 for me, and none for you.

Heres that super adroable Picture of Sam I promised you.

The more green smoothies you drink, 
the more you crave the greens 
and then the more greens you will add 
and the less fruit you will need. 

Pretty soon, you'll be eating a head of lettuce for breakfast and you wont even know it.

Try adding apple cider and ginger for a wintery feel.
Or Citrus and pineapple for a little extra sweet.
Add Silken Tofu for some protien. Really!
Add ground flax or avocado for some good fat.
Jeromy likes Strawberries.
I like raspberries.
If you've added the fruit and its still too bitter for you, try some agave nectar or honey. YUM!

If you try out my recipe, Id love to hear the results, good or bad!
If you think Im nuts, Id like to know that too.
If you are a Green Smoothie Pro, Id love to hear your favorite recipes.

Love you guys.
Happy drinking.

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Post For the Posts I Did Not Post.

This post is a tribute to all the posts I did not post.

All the ideas I have had that I did not write down.

All of the paintings I never finished.

The big BIG things I wanted to tell the world, that did not make it past my lips.

All the times I was filled with love and life, creativity and enthusiasm...

...and I just let it slip.

The dreams I did not fulfill because I kept my ideas dormant inside me. Deeming them unworthy.

Here I am... Noticing. How Expansive I am. How I have this HUGE place inside me that builds and creates. And I've pushed it aside. Thinking it was not of any value or use in my life.

Today I mourn the loss of all the creative ideas I did not follow through with. 

Because, All of these things... They are not DREAMS, they are my LIFE.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Be Vs. Do

I 'worked' today.

I helped the kids with an Art project. I learned something. These kids.... They get it. They totally get it. Well, the younger they are, the more they get it. Kids are True 'Beings' They only know how to BE, they don't have any concept yet of DOing. The older they get, the more they forget to be and start to do. 

I've been stuck on this Being VS. Doing trip for a while now. 

Let me break this down for you.... As far as I've broken it down for myself. 
(theres a whole lot of doing involved in this!)

NOW, This is important, pay attention.

Be: To occupy Space

Occupy: To fill up.

Space: the unlimited or incalculably great three-dimensional realmor expanse in which all material objects are located and all events occur.

Do: To perform

Perform: To carry out, complete, execute, render or act.

Per: By means of

Form: The shape of a thing or person.

When a child is born, they don't know how to DO anything. They don't perform anything. They don't label. Things don't need to be understood. They are true BEings. 

Look...It's so obvious. Listen to me. 

They call us human BEINGS for a reason. Because thats what we are. We are born BE-ing. 

These kids I did the art project with. They only knew how to be. 

We mixed shaving cream and glue together to form a paste. Then they were supposed to make "Snow Pictures". Whats a snow picture, you ask? 

I dont know. Its not important, really.

So I tell them we are making Snow Pictures. They can form  any-THING they want with this "snow".


Ya know what these kids do?

They just stick their hands in it and they smear it all over the paper.

What are they making?

I try to direct them... I begin pitching out ideas "You can make a snowman! Or a snowflake! Or a house with snow on it".

They didn't care. Not a single kid cared about these "things" they could make. 

What were they DO-ing?!!!

No-thing. They were BE-ing.

And it so rocked.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Doing No-Thing

I've been thinking about this 'creative freedom' thing that happened on that mountain (Thinking, thats my first mistake) and you know, Im human. So I wanted to know more about it. I wanted to learn about the proccess of creativity and painting from the true Self. I wanted to know more about Moving and Grooving to the vibration of life. Following my heart and doing wild crazy stuff in the name of FEELING. I want to know more.

 About Acceptance. Allowance. Loving. And Becoming. Through PAINT. 

So I went to the Bookstore. 
And I searched relentlessly. 
I recall reporting back to my husband halfway through my search.. 
"I cant even find the section Im looking for.."

Guess what?

I found no-thing.

I even asked the information lady. Im positive she thought I was a nutcase. I was saying things about spiritual creativity and artistic enlightenment.  


And I left knowing that nobody knew what the hell I was talking about.

Initially I was upset. Cause Im human. And thats what we humans do.

We want to be able to put it in a box, 
and put a label on it 
and then be able to file it alphabetically
 with other things like it. 
We have to be able to physically see 
and understand that it belongs 
and to some-thing 
and know
 that it was created 
by some-one 
that spent years of their life 
and testing 
for accuracy

But this doesn't fit in a box. None of it fits. 

It has no name, and theres no book written about it. You cant even Google it.
Believe me, I tried.

Upon leaving the bookstore I still wanted to know more.
I came home and wrote Face a response to the ump-teenth email we'd exchanged in the last 2 hours.
E-mails about everything and nothing.

Then Face and I met up this morning. In our Human-ness.
And discovered through some wild unveiling of obvious truths, that we already had ALL the answers. 

We pretty much wrote the book, we just didn't know it.

We are the book.
We are the Bookstore.
We are Every-Thing.

So we did nothing.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Will You Paint Me?

I woke up yesterday with a burning LOVE for life. The sort of feeling that just pulses through you. Everything was clicking into place. Like K'NEX (remember those? I used to make the most extravagant contraptions with those things.)

Theres a new voice inside me that speaks to me in loving words and phrases all day long. Who is She? Where did She come from? I dont know... It doesn't matter. I love her. Im having an affair with the woman inside me. And it feels so good. 

She was nuts yesterday. 

I woke up, and immediately typed out the most epic of emails, an email Id written in my head 10 thousand times, but was AFRAID to really write.

Then, even more ludicrous, I hit the send button. 

It was as if a chain reaction occurred. It felt so good! Ah! Im so human, just a big pleasure seeking machine.

What else feels good?

So I began packing up my car....

  1. Green smoothie. LOTS of Green Smoothie. That never fails to feel good.
  2. Paint. Of Course.
  3. My Camera. Oh how I love it.
  4. My Stilettos. (I dont know.. They just feel good. So I threw them in the trunk. Ya never know.)
  5. My i-pod. Techno is my GOD. My LifeForce, the fuel to my fire.
  6. Water. 
  7. A Pad of paper and a Black Marker. Blank pages are the key to all things creative and NEW.
  8. 2 Yoga mats. Perhaps I subconsciously knew Id need a second?

Then I began driving... and Driving. What am I doing?
I have no idea. 

Then I text Lacey. Better known to me as 'Face'. (It began as Lace-Face, then quickly the Lace fell off and now she's simply Face.

Somehow, I end up at the ASU Dorms (Eck), picking up my dear friend. She's got her hiking shoes on. We both do. 

I ask her where we were going. She points me in a direction and I drive. 

We talk about a million life philosophies. And ask each other questions even Ghandi couldn't answer with true certainty, because there are no answers and nobody knows. Theories of Remarkable-ness. Why we are here. Who we are. What are we doing? The sort of deep cyclical conversation that could go on for days if you allowed it. 
I love our conversations. I crave this sort of thing.

As we drive, we say things we don't want to forget. How handy that I have a pad of paper. And this black marker.

Face Writes.
Im not sure anything we wrote would make any sense to anyone else. I am sure that it is not important.

We wrote things that moved us. Now that I think of it, that is exactly what was happening. We were being moved. 

We ended up at Mcdowell Mountain. Offering to paint something in lieu of the 6 dollar entrance fee. (Doesn't hurt to try, ya' never know)

Then we got caught by a "Park Ranger" attempting to do yoga on top of a restroom... Thats another story though.

So we hike this mountain, or 'Hill' as Face refers to it. Either way it was perfect. 

We lug all these things I brought, up the hill. 
(Minus the stilettos, although I appreciated the possibility of them)

The never-ending life questions gradually seemed to melt away as we hiked. 

Then at the top. 

Yoga happened.
Because I have 2 mats. 

Sun salutations came out of us. 
Moved through us.

And then the pad of paper.

Seemed so right.

How appropriate. 

How Perfect.

Its as though I new all along. 

I still don't know what we are doing. I couldn't describe it if my life depended on it. 
It was important though.

Vital even.

And then the words felt so strongly, like big constellations of sensations inside me.

It only made sense to cover ourselves in them.

We got out the paint, and I stood there with my brush. "What do you want me to write?"

Yeah, thats what she said.

And that seemed to make so much sense. Everything made sense. 
My God, THIS is it.

What is it?

I dont know.

This is me Sure. 

About an hour into this process I realized that although I knew what Sure looked like I wasn't Sure I knew what sure felt like. Do you? 

How do I know when Im sure?

I just do.

 The paint kept flowing.. 

The questions were relentless. 

 The answers were scarce.

We had mind boggling revelations about things that didn't matter. 

Became completely clear that we had no clue about anything.
Decided that typically we were not typical.

I thought it made sense. But then it didn't.

Nothing made sense, in a strange sort of way where everything did. 

And then we realized that we could move around in our new painted outfits and different words came together.

To make new phrases and ideas.

All of which felt even more perfect then the intended ideas.
 Or did they?

And then a point came where It felt things were coming to a close. So we began to question what 'done' felt like.

Like this maybe?

We really didn't know. If I had painted a list upon myself of the things I am SURE that I DO NOT KNOW, I would be suffocating under 1 trillion layers of paint.

Im not sure what happened on this day, but I do know one thing. 

 This isn't going to be the last time.

I asked Face "where do we find a TRIBE of Paint Warrior who will do this with us?" 

 She didn't know... Yeah, add that to the list.

 I made one of these my Facebook profile picture last night.
This morning, upon walking into the yoga studio, someone asked me a question...

  "Will you Paint me?"

And to THAT question.
I have an answer....

It would be my pleasure.

The Music.
The Moment.
You Own it.
Dont Ever Let it Go.