Sunday, January 30, 2011

Green Smoothies For All

Because I had requests for my Green Smoothie Recipe, And I cant possibly keep all this awesomeness to myself.

First, heres a little green smoothie inspired artwork 
(and Sammie's head, cause ya know, she loves pretty much everything I do)

 There's a lengthy list or reasons one would eat a green smoothie, but I'll just give you my top 3:

They taste like love (seriously)
They make me feel fantastic inside and out
I hear they are Super Duper good for me

 Even Sam agrees that the morning should start off Green

 See there! Told ya! 

Im going to preface this by saying: There is No REAL 'recipe' for green smoothies, only a few loose guidelines. 
Its honestly been an ongoing (usually very successful) experiment on my part.

I have a Vitamix. If you don't have one, go to the store and get one.  NOW.
Hurry, RUN.
(Oh, and don't look at the price tag, just hand the guy your credit card and worry about it after you drink your smoothie, I promise you'll be thanking me later.)

If you (are totally insane and) still do not have a Vitamix, don't ditch this recipe. I love ALL my readers and there's also one more super adorable picture of Sam I've strategically placed at the end of this post for your viewing pleasure.

Once you've got the Vitamix
You are going to need some green stuff. Spinach, red lettuce, green lettuce, romaine, kale, chard, whatever. Just go to the store and buy all the green things you never eat and stick them in there.

If you are a beginner start off with 1 part green, 3 parts fruit.
Advanced Smoothie Practitioners, such as myself, you might use 3 parts greenery, 1 part fruit.
If you are completely nuts, you can forgo the fruit all together. 

You are going to need some liquid. Water will work. Or any juice. Preferably something organic and not  full of additives.  I fill to about here... (add more later if its too thick)
 Now turn it on and turn it up.
Blend for about 1 minute.

Now for the fruit. I ALWAYS use one banana. This is the key to taking the bitter out. The only other alternative to the banana, in my experience, is fresh pineapple.  

Now, add your choice of additional frozen fruit.
(cause the Vitamix is powerful and its gonna get hot so ya gotta cool that thing down)
 I used this whole thing of blueberries. Ive got them stockpiled in the freezer. We also buy the giant bags of frozen fruit at Costco.

In addition to the blueberries I added maybe 2 cups of this other berry mix.
Now, blend again, this time just till its smooth, not too long or it wont be cold. 
I put it in these containers so I can bring them with me, or keep them in the fridge for later.

Now, you've got one for yourself, and one for a friend.

Or in this case, 2 for me, and none for you.

Heres that super adroable Picture of Sam I promised you.

The more green smoothies you drink, 
the more you crave the greens 
and then the more greens you will add 
and the less fruit you will need. 

Pretty soon, you'll be eating a head of lettuce for breakfast and you wont even know it.

Try adding apple cider and ginger for a wintery feel.
Or Citrus and pineapple for a little extra sweet.
Add Silken Tofu for some protien. Really!
Add ground flax or avocado for some good fat.
Jeromy likes Strawberries.
I like raspberries.
If you've added the fruit and its still too bitter for you, try some agave nectar or honey. YUM!

If you try out my recipe, Id love to hear the results, good or bad!
If you think Im nuts, Id like to know that too.
If you are a Green Smoothie Pro, Id love to hear your favorite recipes.

Love you guys.
Happy drinking.

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