Friday, January 28, 2011

A Post For the Posts I Did Not Post.

This post is a tribute to all the posts I did not post.

All the ideas I have had that I did not write down.

All of the paintings I never finished.

The big BIG things I wanted to tell the world, that did not make it past my lips.

All the times I was filled with love and life, creativity and enthusiasm...

...and I just let it slip.

The dreams I did not fulfill because I kept my ideas dormant inside me. Deeming them unworthy.

Here I am... Noticing. How Expansive I am. How I have this HUGE place inside me that builds and creates. And I've pushed it aside. Thinking it was not of any value or use in my life.

Today I mourn the loss of all the creative ideas I did not follow through with. 

Because, All of these things... They are not DREAMS, they are my LIFE.

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Dont Ever Let it Go.