Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sleepless Nights and Other News

Just wanted to say that I didn't really sleep last night. There was a time when having not slept would really get me
The list goes on.

Not sleeping used to give me anxiety about not sleeping the next night. And the next.
And it would go on and on. Until there were days of not sleeping. Weeks. Months. 

I became afraid of nightfall.
Afraid to be alone.
And awake.
With Nothing to Do.

Its different now.

Not sleeping is not bad, nor is it good.
It just Is.

Kinda like when I make plans with someone and I've got my heart set on going out and then they call to tell me they cant go. Its not Bad, nor good. 

Just happens sometimes.

And its not like they aren't my friend anymore. We'll hang out another day. But tonight....

I'lll be alone. With my Self.

And I like me.
So its okay.

In Other News, Im taking a class at the community College. It starts tomorrow. I've taken every art class at the college. All of them. 

Except One.



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  1. I'm proud of you. You write with a great voice. Keep going.


The Music.
The Moment.
You Own it.
Dont Ever Let it Go.