Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On Knowing

The idea is to just do it. To cut the crap and be big.
Stop sitting around thinking about my potential.
The answer to all of my questions can only be found by me.
Ive got to stop going around asking others for their opinions about what I need in life.
I know what I need.

Sometimes I believe I know what I want, until I touch it.
 Then, the second I touch it, the excitement leaves.
I dont want to make that mistake with school, with my career.

With my LIFE.

I know what I want, Ive touched it and I still want it.
The excitement grows when I touch it.
Im certain its right.
The question now is, how?

I think the only way to know how is to paint.
Lately Im painting trees... and it feels so RIGHT,

Dreams and visions of trees dance in my head all day long. I have created little tree characters with their big tree personalities.

Trees seem to speak for everything. They are so GROUNDED and DEEP.
They are tall and strong like me, and their branches speak 10000 words about living, and loving.
Trees breathe.
They are still, yet they change.... ever so slowly, and on purpose.

They always grow toward the light.
No tree has ever given up.
A little at a time, it grows.
The tree does not work for itself.
It is through providing for other sentient beings that it grows and becomes beautiful.

Today I will paint trees.

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