Monday, January 17, 2011

A Tree for NOVA Safe Haven, Part 2

Painting for NOVA Safe Haven was more fun and fulfilling than I could have imagined. To find out more about my volunteer project at NOVA, click here.


When I first came to sketch the mural, the residents stood around and asked many questions, as anyone would if a person began drawing all over their walls. 

Today, as the music came on and the paint came out, the questions disappeared and were replaced with various warm exclamations of gratitude. 

I noticed that even though there were so many of us,  
once everyone had their job, things became vey quiet. 

It was somewhat of a moving meditation.  

Everyone became fixated on the tree and everything else sort of melted away. 

The mural got so many compliments while I was there and the residents and passers though were all very excited to see so much color on the walls. 

I talked to so many people today. And none of them were the least bit alike. 

Most of them not even artists, just people who wanted to help out, for one reason or another. 

The interesting thing is that I learned more about these total strangers in a 3 hour time frame than I have about good friends over a ten year span. 

Because it was a very short event, where we all had to collaborate very intimately... we were little paint warriors, on a mission. 

But we all knew that when the painting was done we'd most likely never see any of these people again. 

So I made many beautiful and amazing "Three Hour Friends" who will live in my heart and on these walls for a lifetime.

 I was thanked today.


From the bottom of many hearts. 

 I was appreciated.

Being appreciated and knowing that people will stand here with this tree...

and with ME....  

Is more than any girl could ever ask for. 

To the wonderful people at NOVA Safe Haven, I am eternally grateful.




  1. Very cool Lauren! You have an amazing zest and awareness for life, may it lead you to many wonderful places!

  2. this is my first visit to your blog, and this post brought me to tears. what a beautiful event. what a beautiful painting. what a great gift of love and service and beauty for you to give! thanks for sharing it so poetically.

  3. Thank you both so much! Dave, I have some wicked photo dreams that must be executed... I just need a couple long haired, un-inhibited, yoga goddesses and a couple gallons of paint.

    Bronwyn, what a wonderful compliment, I found your blog on Connie's Page I so Love all of my beautiful Art Warriors.

  4. I've been asked to help create a "Spring" mural at Nova and I'm very honored. Thank you for posting these.


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