Thursday, February 3, 2011

Being The Tree Painter

The tree phase is over.

Im not sure If Im over it, or its over me.
The last 3 trees I painted were lackluster. I got exceptionally wrapped up in the making of them and they became work.

I forgot why I had started. I wasn't painting trees because I had to. I was painting trees because thats who I was. 

I was A Tree Painter. 
The Tree Painter.

I dreamed of trees, I breathed trees, I had trees on my toast. 

Then, suddenly... the trees fell away. I turned on the faucet, and trees did not rush out. 

It was dry.

 I went to the canvas and I sat down, thinking I needed to keep painting these trees.

Heres what happened. 

 Perhaps these paintings look pretty similar to the others. 
But they do not Feel the same as the others.

See, painting trees and Being The Tree Painter, are two completely different things altogether.

Do you get it?

And I can not Force myself to Be The Tree Painter. 

It just happens.

So, I ask you.....Are you painting Trees? Or are you Being The Tree Painter?

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