Saturday, February 19, 2011

Don't Judge. Just Notice.

A follow up to a question about my previous post on War

What if I don't know how? 
I don't know how to make the thoughts stop. I don't know how to let go.

Here's the real wacky thing. Wanting the thoughts to stop is exactly what keeps them going.
So Im going to take a little detour from the original question, but it all comes back around. I promise.

This is such a simple concept that it becomes enormously difficult to understand. So Im going to ask that you don't try to overanalyze what I say here, and just take it for what it is. Its really not that deep. The best way to think about it is not to.

In the previous post I talked about choosing sides. Wanting things to be different then they are right now.

The act of wanting is Desire, right?

Everything comes from desire.

We are pleasure seeking machines, we desire all day every day, and we BELIEVE if we get what we desire then we will no longer have that feeling of lack that desire directly creates. 

We think we want things, but what we really want is to end the sense of lack.

A new car, a better relationship, weight loss, world peace, less back pain, a dog that doesn't eat the couch.... the list never ends.

You feel a sense of lack? You want that feeling to go away?

You NEED something to be happy. 


Think about it. Thats why you do everything you do. Because you believe that once you do it or have it (get the new car, get the promotion, train your dog not to pee on your bed, get the newest smartphone, have 500 Facebook friends, a jumbo jack with cheese) THEN you will be happy. 

But are you?

Maybe momentarily. 

But then what? 

Theres something else, right?

You continuously need something else. 

Do you see whats happening? How you are just running around in circles like a chicken with its head cut off, desperately seeking to end this feeling of lack?

And so you ask....

How do I make all these thoughts stop?

The desire for the thoughts to stop is desire itself.

Heres where the tricky part comes in.

1) Notice.

Theres nothing that you need to do, except notice whats happening. Notice yourself wanting things to be different. Just notice. Your anger, impatience, inattentiveness, indecisiveness, whatever... Pay attention to the feelings you are having while you are running around in circles. Be diligent. Pay attention to your feelings, relentlessly. Take note. And then take note again.

All day. Every day.

2) Don't judge. 

Don't judge your thoughts, don't judge your feelings. Just let them be. And most importantly if you catch yourself judging, don't judge you're judging.

I know, you think Im crazy. And I am.
You think this "noticing" isnt the answer?

This is how anything in your life has transformed.... This is how relationships have come to be, and also how they have ended. Its how you got your job and also why you've left jobs. Paying attention to your mind is the root of all Transformation.

Just think about the last big change that occurred in your life. Maybe it was a relationship. What happened? You began to notice feelings you had while you were with that person. You became AWARE of the way that person's actions affected you. You took note of the sensations that occurred in your body when you were around that person. A sinking in your stomach, a lump in your chest. You noticed that.

And then the relationship just sort of fell away...

It just kind of happened, right?

It all came to a head on its own.

Thats it.

Just Notice. Don't judge.

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  1. not to be contradictory,.... but in noticing the effect, and therefore your judgement? isn't the sinking in your stomach, the flutter of your heart, the lump in your throat an innate judgement of sorts. I think judgement is an inherent and integral function of the human condition. We constantly judge and compare. this is how we find our own place in the world. Without judgement, there is no good, there is no evil, there just IS. what a wonderful world that would be,... to just BE!


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