Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fetus Update

Heres what I've been up to.

Take a look here and here for other lovely insights on this painting.

And, yes, Im quite aware it is upside-down.
Although, now that Ive spent a couple days looking at it this way, its beginning to feel right-side-up.

Cant it only be right-side-up?

This painting has become all about challenging myself.
Not trying to challenge myself, but rather--not taking the easy way out. 

I've been through so many ideas since I've begun this painting that tell me to make it easier. Hurry up, finish it. Move on to the next one. Give it up.

For example: See those fingers and toes? 
I was quite certain when I sketched out the baby, that Id have to paint a flower or something right over the feet, so I could at least avoid having to paint the toes. Because fingers and toes are hard. 

And I like it easy. 

I also like to paint quickly. I've got a just-get-it-done attitude.

I'll take any idea and run with it, as long as it gets me to the end quicker.

I want the product.
The finished result.
Screw the process.

But, something new is happening, and I've begun to enjoy the process, in its totality.

So this painting is taking a really long time. 

But it is so beautiful, you would not rush the sunset, would you?

See how much canvas is left?

(If you are any sort of painter you would know that I 'should' have painted the background first, but I didn't... Im breaking rules right and left with this one.)

When I get ideas about the way I think it should be (Like I did for yesterdays blog post) I just get up and leave. 

I get up and leave a lot. 
The process of painting this canvas has required more time away from it than in front of it.
And that time is equally valuable. 

Sometimes you have to take time away from things in life. Things or people, or situations, that you get ideas about. If you get ideas about people, and you don't walk away, before you know it those ideas will morph into beliefs. And in my experience, beliefs build upon each other to form boxes...

Boxes that are built around you. 
(Scary, eh?)

So, When you feel the flood of ideas and you realize you are getting nowhere quickly, just leave. 
Come back when your mind is clear.

Then listen for the whispers of guidance, underneath the ideas.
And run with that! 

The Guidance can't get though if You are trapped inside that box.

Now... If you've made the mistake and you are already in the box... You'd better start bustin' some windows and breakin' down doors. 


  1. I think the white part of the painting is absolutely gorgeous. All that extra space. All that room to move and to breathe.

    Wow Lauren...this painting is incredible..everything about it I adore.

  2. this painting is utterly breathtaking...

    ...and upside-down means it's getting ready to be born.{just the first thing that popped into my head when i saw the new view) which might mean something and might not. although i'm inclined to think the metaphor works well with where you are....;)

    there's birthing metaphors all over the place these days it seems....{random thought}



  3. I dig the white part too, Connie. Its actually exciting to see that there is blank space! Im not sure whats up with these 'painting rules', but they certainly don't serve me.

    Mel, I agree! I honestly have no idea why I turned it that way, but it certainly feels right... Maybe thats how the baby feels too.

  4. Baby of the Universe.
    The Baby IS the Universe.

    P.S. The toes look good ;)

    And I love you back.

  5. Awesome job.


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