Monday, February 14, 2011

Love and Fear

There are only Two emotions.

Love and Fear.

I bet you thought there were more, right? 


But what about all the other sensations you feel? 
Isn't that what they are, Isn't that how you experience them? Sensations in your body? In your core. 

Happiness, Excitement,  Compassion, Empathy, Peacefulness, Joy, Forgiveness.

LOVE. Its all Love. Different flavors, but they all stem from Love. 

Surprise,  Jealousy, Hate,  Greed, Envy, Anxiety, Sadness, Depression, Shame, Prejudice, Anger.

FEAR. Different flavors of fear.

Its so simple, yet you make it so complicated. 

We cycle though love and fear all the time. Some days one dominates over the other, but its pretty much a Love Fear Salad. 
All day, Every Day.

This day (Valentine's Day) is devoted to Love. 
Happiness. Joy. Empathy, Compassion.

What we don't do is set aside a day to Celebrate (Celebration is Love) Fear.
Why don't we?
Why do we deny this Emotion. There are only two, and we deny ONE! Isn't that ridiculous? Its like denying half of who you are.

Underneath all love is fear.

Fear that love will end.

And it will.

Everything will end.
And as soon as it does, it will begin again. 
Love      Fear      Love      Fear      Love      Fear
All day, everyday.

Fear must be embraced, with loving hands.
Because it is the embryo of love. 
If you nurture it and take care of it. Feed it the right things, it will grow. It will begin to kick and move around. Soon, you wont be able to sleep at night. Then one day, after much pain and agony, there will be complete Transformation.

There will be Love.


And then it will die.

Dont attach to it. Just notice how it comes and goes.
How it moves through you.

Just Notice.

Love and Fear.

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