Friday, February 11, 2011

Paint with a capital P

Friday night. Pajamas and tea.


I'm really feeling this Paint with a capital 'P' thing.

I say it often. I write it often.

But today I feel it on a cellular level.

Do you know what its like to feel in that way?

When the whole world seems to align right through your core.
And you cant help but smile.
And cry.


  1. i've read this three times...i keep coming back to it because something in what you say speaks very loudly to me. only i don't feel like i have the 'right' to claim this for myself.

    which is fecking stupid.

    it's been a shite of a week.


    aren't you glad i came back and driveled in your comment box? :P

  2. I am glad you came back.

    What about it speaks to you? The painting part, or the feeling of YES, or maybe its just me in my pajamas? And who's to say its not yours? Just take it. Take it and RUN!!

  3. LOL -- all of it actually....i very much identify with taking tea in one's pajamas.(doing that at this very moment)

    but it's the YES and the painting that feels like it can't be mine....

    however....i'm gonna follow your advice and do a grab 'n dash


  4. Remember that feeling on those days when the world seems to be aligned in the exact opposite way, and you feel as if everything is out of balance and you just can't seem to mesh with the world. Remember how it feels to be in sync!

  5. Dave- definitely gotta remember that on the down days... like today. Im a total blahmonster. But Im goin' all the way with it. Blah with a capital B!


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