Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ramblings on God and Birth

The Fetus is coming along nicely.

Its beginning to take on a lovely glow. 

 Im realizing big things about this painting. Big things! 

This painting is much like dreaming. Its very metaphorical and reminiscent of my life. You know how you cant try to dream? You cant decide what you want to dream about and exactly how you are going to dream it?

 It just sort of plays out all on its own, as soon as you Surrender... to life. 
And let Sleep take over.

Thats what this painting feels like. Its like surrendering to life.

I honestly made no decision to paint this thing, and along the way, Ive had absolutely no control over what happens with it or to it. I also have no plans for it in the future. It just shows up this way.

And the nice thing is, that this time I like it. Its a 'Good' dream. I think...
But, I could see how it might be possible to Paint this way and have a 'bad dream'. 

It could go all wrong in an instant. 

On a side note, or possibly the same note, there are many Birth days this month. I realize there are many birthdays every month, but this month is particularly important to me, because I was born in February.... (Well the World was born, but thats an entirely different post!)

The 18th to be exact (In the case that you'd like to mark your calendar and send me a card). 
9:09pm, Arizona Time, in case you'd like to call me at the exact moment that I was purged from the womb (although my mother will probably beat you to that one.)

There are people who are very important to me who were born this month. I feel like Aquarians are incredibly special people. We are artists. We are pushers-of-limits. We are are Creators. Everyone is a creator. And so... we are 


I am God. 

We are.

Yesterday I made a little addition to my the corner there. 

Something calls me to write things in my paintings. 

Secret messages from God. 

From Me.

From You.

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