Friday, February 25, 2011

The Second Mural for NOVA

I lead a wonderful team of volunteers through the second mural project at Nova Safe Haven.
We had much more detail to paint this time, and fewer volunteers.

Click here to learn more about NOVA and here to check out the last project.
Although the mural covers an entire wall, I put the majority of the design in the center. It felt right at the time, but as a volunteer project, I definitely learned that my longer, more spread out design worked a bit better.

 The people up high were dripping paint in the hair of the people down low.
So I could have done some things a bit different, 'better' maybe.
Im Learning.

I am always learning. I am either learning or Im dead... 

We had about 12 people sign up, none of them "artists",
or so they said....

Ive come to believe that most artists don't KNOW they are artists, until someone points it out to them.

They believe that because they are learning, they are not artists.....
You are always learning. Aren't you?

There is a story of a famous artist in spain. A very Great artist, Francisco Goya. And when he was very old and had completed one of his last paintings he painted these words upon it:
 "I am still learning."

See? You think artists just have this art thing all figured out... but we don't.

Honestly, it wasn't until very recently that I came to know I was an artist.

You can also claim something for yourself and Become it, even if you are still learning. 

So, NOW.

Whatever you are doing:
Step into your full potential.
Dont hide under a veil of "I'm not sure yet."

If you make art... then you are an artist. 

That's it.

Maybe YOU will join me when I paint the next mural?

And we can learn together.


  1. are freaking awesome.

  2. Thank you ladies!! I will definitely let you know about the next one.

  3. "Ive come to believe that most artists don't KNOW they are artists, until someone points it out to them."

    So true. At least for me. The first time someone called me artist I was like... "I'ma wha...? OH YEAH, I AM!" And I smiled HUGE! Thx for that!


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