Friday, February 18, 2011


I used to be infatuated with the idea that suffering was bad and that I was put hear on this earth to end it.

 I wanted to end PROBLEMS. I got a degree in psychology so I could FIX people and things that were not working properly. I was so purely against people who hate and kill and Destruct, and self destruct.

I spent every waking minute trying to research information that may help to end the massive amounts of silent suffering going on in the minds of people all over the world..

Mental Dis-Ease.

Lets call it War. Because, it is, isnt it?

I graduated, with a degree in Mental Dis-Ease (They call it psychology). That Diploma... It didn't help.

I still could not help them. 

I could not change their minds.

I could not make them different.

I could not save them from themselves.

What I did not know then, that I know today: 

The desire to end War is war itself. 
When I tried to end this suffering, I was clinging to the idea that suffering was BAD. That not-suffering was GOOD.

That's what war is. 
Clinging to an idea that one way is good and the other way is bad...and then fighting to the death for it.

We must first end the war within ourselves, in order to end the collective war.

The only way to end the war within ourselves is by not attaching to the idea that the war needs to end.

We can not stop them from suffering, until we have stopped ourselves.

Let go.

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