I know you all would love to venture out into this Arizona Sun and dance like nobody's business while I document your every move in high-res... So, I thought I'd offer you the opportunity to do just that.

Lets make a day of it!
All wild ideas and locations will be considered. 
No ideas? No problem... Ive got plenty.
We can even schedule in snack time for the little ones and potty time for the puppy. 

Any Lauren Approved Fantastic Photo Session takes a minimum of 2 hours, at the fabulous rate of $80 per hour. This price Includes editing and one smashing disc of all your beautiful shots. Print your heart out! Additional printing, milage traveled and over the top ideas may be subject to additional charges.

$50 off your first session when you refer a friend!

Contact me now to discuss your ideas and book your session.

Lauren Ball

The Music.
The Moment.
You Own it.
Dont Ever Let it Go.